Millennium Optial Victoria, Edithvale and Caulfield 

Multifocal Lenses and Sunglasses are our speciality

Our speciality is multifocal lenses. We do thousands every year, whether as an optical or sunglass multifocal.

Going freeform multifocal lenses gives our clients their best at adapting to them.

Whether a single vision, bifocal or multifocal lens is best suited for your needs, this is well discussed with our optometrist, so we can best match your needs

New age Multifocal Lenses-Go FREEFORM

Cleaner, Sharper, Wider. Less peripheral distortion. The wave of the future is here. At Millennium Optical we are dispensing the latest technology lenses to provide you with the very best vision. These lenses are made utilising cutting-edge digital technology.

Normal RRP $300+.  At Millennium Optical, it is $140 for a pair of freeform multifocal lenses!