Millennium Optial Victoria, Edithvale and Caulfield 

Our well-trained optometrist and personnel offer advices on right choice of spectacles and frames that will help you to see clearly and look stylish too.

Experience the latest in diagnostic eye testing, with the latest technology for assessment of glaucoma, macular and other eye conditions.

Our new icare tonometer means accurate eye pressure measurements with no need for anaesthetic drops.

Experience the latest in frame and lens selection. Hundreds of great designer glasses been added to our No Gap range.

Latest in lens selection means clearer, sharper High Definition Multifocal Lenses - Freeform Multifocal lenses is here.

Experience the service. Our professional lab at Edithvale will make your glasses on the spot. Most single vision wearers will leave within the hour with the eye test and new glasses in hand.

On the spot lab means that when your multifocal/bifocal lenses come in, they can be ground into even your frame within ten minutes, without you having to be without them for days.

Experience the fantastic prices - our No Gap promotion has meant that 90% of our clients have had no out of pocket costs following their rebate.